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Bella Toaster Oven 14307

This bella toaster oven has an easy-to-use timer and is perfect for cooking pizza. The oven can toast up to 9 pizza crusts with a toaster oven. It also has a broil function and a timer.

Bella Toaster Oven 14307 Amazon

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Bella Toaster Oven 14307 Walmart

The bella toaster oven has a 14-inch screen size and a big 15-inch screen size. It has a black and white color screen. It has a timer on it that you can use to set the bake broil time. The toaster oven also has a cook area of 10 inches wide by 6 inches deep. It can cook pizza, pasta, and other pizzas. It also has a crumb tray for taking out the pizzas. the bella 4-slice toaster oven is a great way to have breakfast or lunch out-of-the-house. This toaster oven has 14307 watts of power and is backed by a 2-year warranty. The bella 4-slice toaster oven is the perfect addition to your kitchen, and it can bequeathed with this toaster oven'sulatory sticker. This toaster oven has regions for two 2-inch slices and a pizza crumb tray, as well as a timer and a 9-inch pizza pan. the bella toaster oven 14307 is a 14-slot toaster oven with a toast bake broil feature and a 9-slot timer. This oven comes with a pizza crumb tray, which makes it perfect for baking pizza with haste. The bella toaster oven 14307 is also great for cooking burgers or chicken breasts.